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I operate my practice according to the following principles to offer the highest quality care possible in Internal Medicine.

Cutting-Edge Medicine

I’m committed to providing the most innovative yet cost-effective diagnostic tests and treatment. As an active member of the American Board of Internal Medicine, I work to ensure that my practice offers care based on the latest research and best practices, while incorporating integrative and alternative treatments. 


Communication is crucial in any doctor-patient relationship. By carefully listening to you, I am able to understand and pinpoint areas for intervention. My staff will keep in close touch by phone or email to make sure that all of your health needs are met.

Comfort and Safety

You should feel as comfortable and safe as possible before, during, and after your visit. Our procedures, inviting waiting area, and exam rooms now include appropriate  safety precautions and distancing. We use disinfecting processes between each patient and throughout the office. Staff and patients use indicated PPE, my staff ensures that every visit is smooth and easy, paying great attention to your comfort, and privacy. We take every appropriate precaution for patient and staff safety with respect to the Novel Coronavirus and other contagious diseases.


Your education is as important as mine. I will teach you how to maintain your health and reduce your personal risk factors by providing you with guidance and information in the form of personally written monographs, relevant reference materials, and web resources. 


We keep our electronic records safe and private. HIPAA regulations are adhered to for your protected medical record. No records are released without your consent. 

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